How is FIRST® Team 1764 able to function efficiently? We have continued to ramp up our game this year with the help of our business mentor, one more asset in our arsenal of support. She has been invaluable in helping us organize our team and focus our assets. While we have always used a business model, this retired business executive has taken our team to a new level of performance and organization. Click on the image below to see a larger version.

Team 1764 Infrastructure


Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Mentored by Gary Pierson
  • Maintains season schedules
  • Oversees all categories of the team
  • Ensures deadlines are met
  • Must be present at the majority of events
  • Oversees minor disciplinary issues
  • Oversees all aspects of award submission
  • Creates daily and yearly task lists
  • Creates and updates BCDR (Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery) plan annually
  • Must participate on the executive board for the Liberty Robotics Foundation
  • Directly in charge of all other chief positions


Chief Quality Officer (CQO): Mentored by Ashley Heaivilin and Jon Nelson

  • Maintains the quality of team
  • Creates standard operating procedures
  • Ensures all related deadlines are met
  • Creates and updates BCDR (Business continuity, Disaster recovery) plan annually with CEO
  • Supervises: Pit/Field Lead, Inventory and Organization Lead, Safety Captain and Scout Lead
Pit/Field Lead
  • Builds practice field and components
  • Manages and organizes all pit items
  • Maintains pit schedule
  • Maintains/updates pit plans
  • Supervises Pit/Field Team
Pit/Field Team
  • Assists Pit Crew Lead in building and maintaining the pit and related accessories
Inventory and Organization Lead
  • Maintains inventory/organization schedule
  • Confers with all related personnel to ensure that all necessary materials arrive at events
  • Maintains and updates parts wall, tool box, materials, and shelving
  • Maintains an inventory list of all items in stock
  • Supervises Inventory and Organization team
Inventory and Organization Team
  • Organizes and inventories the shop
Safety Captain
  • Develops safety manual
  • Responsible for team safety protocols
  • Monitors student safety performance
  • Develops a comprehensive safety manual that includes competition and build season
  • Remains current on rule changes, and communicates changes to the team
  • Coordinates safety training and knowledge assessments
  • Coordinates safety outreach efforts
  • Supervises Safety Team
Safety Team
  • Assists Safety Captain with maintaining compliance with rules and regulations
Scout Lead
  • Creates scouting forms for team
  • Compiles all scouting information
  • Works in cooperation with drivers for alliance selection
  • Creates and maintains robot information sheets in conjunction with graphic design
  • Supervises Scout Team
Scout Team
  • Compiles information regarding other teams' robots and strategy play


Chief Operational Officer (COO): Mentored by Don Graves, Richard Job, Jon Nelson, Ed Busch and Don Marsh

  • Helps CEO maintain build schedule in all aspects
  • Sets up training sessions that educate members on different aspects of the robot
  • Ensures all related deadlines are met
  • Verifies all related award requirements and submission dates
  • Ensures specified design process is followed
  • Creates and updates BCDR (Business continuity, Disaster recovery) plan annually with CQO and CEO
  • Supervises Mechanical Lead, Electrical Lead, Programming Lead, and CAD Lead
Mechanical Lead
  • Manages mechanical aspects of the robot
  • Maintains build schedule
  • Designs/maintains robot cart
  • Supervises Mechanical Team
Mechanical Team
  • Assists Mechanical Lead
Electrical Lead
  • Responsible for wiring of robot
  • Maintains electrical build schedule
  • Designs/maintains battery box
  • Ensures batteries full-charge status
  • Supervises Electrical Team
Electrical Team
  • Assists Electrical Lead
Programming Lead
  • Maintains programming schedule
  • Designs/maintains control board
  • Creates and maintains programming
  • Maintains documentation of programming
  • Supervises Programming Team
Programming Team
  • Assists Programming Lead
CAD Lead
  • Finalizes drawings sent to the machine shop
  • Submits Excellence in Design Award
  • Documents Design Process
  • Maintains CAD schedule
  • Maintains/updates CAD archive
  • Supervises Cad Team
CAD Team
  • Assists CAD Lead


Chief Media Officer (CMO): Mentored by Jacob Carter

  • Ensures all related deadlines are met
  • Verifies all related award requirements and submission dates
  • Creates and updates BCDR (Business continuity, Disaster recovery) plan annually with CQO and CEO
  • Supervises Animation Lead, Web Lead, Graphic Design Lead, and Video/Film Crew Lead
Animation Lead
  • Creates safety animation
  • Responsible for submission of the animation award
  • Supervises Animation Team
Animation Team
  • Assists the Animation Lead with animation award creation
Web Lead
  • Creates and maintains website
  • Responsible for website submission
  • Supervises Web Team
Web Team
  • Assists the Website Lead with development and maintenance of team website
Graphics Design Lead
  • Creates promotional materials
  • Assists Scout Lead with robot information sheet creation and maintenance
  • Supervises Graphic Design Team
Graphics Design Team
  • Assists the Lead Graphics Designer with creation of promotional materials
Video/Film Crew Lead
  • Ensures each event is successfully recorded
  • Helps create the end of year video that highlights build and competition season
  • Creates promotional videos for KLHS and TV spots
  • Supervises Video and Film Team
Video/Film Team
  • Assists Video and Film Crew Lead with creation of promotional materials

Public Relations

Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO): Mentored by Ashley Heaivilin

  • Works with CFO to build new sponsorships
  • Works with CMO for media releases
  • Community Outreach efforts
  • Ensures all related deadlines are met
  • Verifies all related award requirements and submission dates
  • Team spokesperson
  • Creates and updates BCDR (Business continuity, Disaster recovery) plan annually with CQO and CEO
  • Supervises Awards Lead, Historian Lead, and Community Events Coordinator Lead
Awards Lead
  • Assists in creating essays for awards submissions
  • Monitors award submission deadlines
  • Proof reads awards submissions
  • Supervises Awards Team
Awards Team
  • Assists the Awards Lead
Historian Lead
  • Maintains documentation of student successes and events
  • Organizes media (i.e. video and pictures)
  • Responsible for retention and destruction of media files
  • Assists in organizing the end of year video
  • Maintains scrapbook of events
  • Supervises Historian Team
Historian Team
  • Assists Historian with scrapbooking and accrual of team memorabilia
Lead Community Events Coordinator
  • Coordinates community outreach
  • Coordinates presentations and presentation groups logistics
  • Reporting to Lead Community Events Coordinator
  • Supervises Community Event Team and Presentation Team
Community Event Team
  • Assists Community Events Coordinator
Presentation Team
  • Presents materials pertaining to FIRST Team 1764 upon request


Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Mentored by Ashley Heaivilin

  • Ensures all related deadlines are met
  • Verifies all award requirements and submission dates
  • Supervises Accountant
  • Maintains budget
  • Creates/modifies business plan
  • Creates and maintains budget report at competition
  • Responsible for submitting Entrepreneurship Award and Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Supervises Accounting Team
Presentation Team
  • Assists the Accountant