Chief Officers


Other Members


The coaches and mentors support the team. These individuals volunteer a large portion of their time and are given very little reward in return. While the mentors are a crucial part of our program, FIRST® Team 1764 still feels that students should do the majority of the work. The results are well-balanced and rewarding; our members are able to form stronger bonds with their mentors and are able to bring more away from their FIRST® Robotics experience. The coaches and mentors of FIRST® Team 1764 are:

  • Jacob C. — Coach & Mentor
  • Jason L. — Coach & Mentor


  • Don G. — Mechanical/Machining/Design Mentor
  • Don M. — Electrical Mentor
  • Jon N. — Mechanical/Design
  • Bridget S. — Graphic/Media Mentor
  • Whit R. — Scholarship/College Mentor
  • Debbie W. — Business/Media/Team Manager